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Information for those enrolled in the Ciência Viva program

Since 2012, collaborating with the "Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos", CES has been offering guided tours of caves in their natural state.


Make participants aware of the importance of protecting limestone caves. Enable observation of limestone formations and life inside the caves with the proper theoretical and practical framework, complying with all safety rules and respect for the environment.

All visits are guided by elements of CES, explaining the origin and formation of the caves.

In the case of activities in Varjota, they will be able to experience techniques of descent and ascent with material used in the practice of speleology.

- Helmet, individual light and safety equipment (provided to all participants by CES).


- Used clothes that can get dirty. We recommend using old pants or used tracksuits. It is not advisable to wear short sleeves as they do not properly protect your arms and you may feel cold, as the temperature inside the caves is lower at this time of year than outside .

Attention: If you are registered for the Ibn'Ammar cave, you should take a change of clothes and shoes, as well as a bag to carry your dirty clothes (it is not recommended to get in the car with the clothes you used in the activity).
- Sneakers or boots that can get dirty and have laces (old sneakers can be used, but preferably ones that don't have smooth soles).
ATTENTION: It is not allowed to take flip-flops like "havaianas" regardless of the chosen activity.

- Gloves (they could be ordinary gardening gloves. They protect your hands from dirt and make it easier to hold on. Strongly recommended!).
- Camera (as an option).

- Snack (the activity normally extends beyond lunch time).

ALL MATERIAL COLLECTEDTIVO IS SUPPLIED BY CES (Cables, harness, progression and safety equipment).

 Do you have questions? Contact us by email or at 965400103

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